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40 Must see series on Netflix

I don’t know about you but I love a good series to binge on Netflix, something I can get my teeth sunk into and not move from my bed for a few hours, even days. I’ve created a list of 40 series that I think are binge-worthy series on Netflix. These are not ranked as I have way too many favourites. Can I note that when I started this blog post there were only 10 series, and I kept thinking of really good series that I’ve binge-watched 40 series from Netflix alone? I need to get out more I know! 

1. Ru Paul’s Drag Race – 12 Seasons 

Probably my all-time favourite competition type t.v show. Where 12/13 drag queens compete each week in different challenges. I would describe the show as if you mixed Project Runway with BGT, you would have Ru Paul’s Drag Race. 

2. Vampire Diaries – 8 Seasons 

I honestly don’t know what I’ll do when Netflix remove this series. I’ve watched this 3/4 times through now, which looking back is a bit excessive but worth a watch. Based on a teenage girl Elena Gilbert who falls in love with a vampire and outlines their lives together and the drama that comes with dating a vampire. 

3. Unsolved mysteries – 1 season 

I only just recently watched this, if you’re into crime documentaries this should be on your watch list. I am really surprised this is a Netflix original, it’s amazing! Each episode is a different story that outlines a murder/disappearance. It can be difficult to watch as normal crime documentaries you find out what happened but these are weird mysteries that don’t make any sense and have no outcome. 

4. Friends – 10 seasons 

If you’ve not watched Friends by now, you really need to. This is my go-to when I am blogging and want some background noise. I’ve watched Friends 10x times through, probably more. It’s a 90’s comedy TV show based in New York about 6 friends and their lives. 

5. Riverdale – 4 seasons 

Riverdale is based on the Archie Comics which were originally started in 1941 which is crazy! It’s set in a town called Riverdale and focuses around murder mysteries within the town. 

6. Sherlock – 4 seasons 

I grew up watching Sherlock as it was always on BBC. This is based on an intelligent detective and his friend Dr Watson and they solve mysteries. 

7. Outer Banks – 1 season 

I watched this series recently and I already can’t wait for the next season. I would also recommend checking out the soundtrack as it’s amazing! The series is based around a group of teenagers that are looking for a missing person and on the way find a legendary treasure. 

8. Below Deck – 2 seasons (there are 8/9 seasons but only 2 on Netflix) 

If you’re into reality t.v programs, this one is great for binge-watching. I watched both seasons within 2 days it was that good. The camera crew follow around the crew in a yacht during the charter season. Basically a lot of drama and travelling. 

9. Gossip Girl – 6 seasons 

Gossip girl was a write of passage for a teenage girl, it was my dream to live in Manhattan and be in Gossip girl. It’s based around two privileged teenagers and the drama, fashion and a lot of money. 

10. Skins – 7 volumes 

Skins was one of my favourite t.v programs growing up. It’s a British teen drama series that follows the lives of teenagers through their high school years. Something that makes this series different is the cast changes every 2 seasons. 

11. Outnumbered – 5 Series 

I enjoy series that use the same characters throughout the years and you see them grow up. This show is set around a middle-class family whose parents are “outnumbered” by their children. Really easy watch.

12. Glee – 6 seasons 

Growing up I watched Glee on Sky and was the best show about, looking back some of the scenes and themes are questionable… but it’s still a binge-worthy series to watch. It’s based around a high school group that performs in a Glee club. The series does contain a lot of “break out into song moments” If you’re not a fan I would not recommend watching.  

13. Modern Family – 7 seasons 

This came out five years ago but I only started it during lockdown as I needed something to watch. It’s similar to outnumbered as they use the same cast throughout the series. There are three different types of families living in Los Angeles and the series is based on what they get up to. 

14. Sabrina – 3 seasons 

I used to watch Sabrina the teenage witch growing up, and I was so excited when they made a remake of it. I found the remake to be a lot darker than I thought it was going to be, but the third season was amazing. It’s based on a young girl who has both mortal and witch friends and how she grows up to choose between the two worlds. 

15 – Brooklyn Nine-Nine – 6 seasons 

If you’re looking for a giggle this is the one for you. This is a comedy based around Jake and the New York precinct. It’s a really easy watch! 

16. Rick and Morty – 4 seasons 

This is one of the few adult cartoons that I enjoy! I was never really a fan but I love Rick and Morty. It’s about a grandpa and his grandson who go on these crazy adventures in space and other dimensions. 

17. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air – 6 seasons 

This is another series that came out years ago but I’ve only watched it recently. Will Smith is one of my favourite actors and would recommend anything he is in. The series is based around him as he goes to live with his rich Uncle and family. 

18. The Umbrella Academy – 1 season 

This is a new series that is out, so sadly there is only 1 season but I hear the second season has been approved and in the making. It’s about an adopted family of superheroes and how they are trained to save the world. 

19. Shadow Hunters – 4 seasons 

I originally watched the film version first and then found out there was a series. It’s about a young woman, Clary who discovers she is half angel half-human, and what her life now entails. 

20. Suits – 9 seasons 

I was always a fan of law and order because they include the courtrooms, when I started watching suits, 6 seasons were already out so I had a lot of catching up to do. It’s based around a big-time lawyer hiring someone he wasn’t supposed to and how they fight cases together. An amazing series to watch but with it having 9 seasons it’s a binge-worthy series on Netflix. 

21. That 70’s show – 8 seasons 

This is up there with Friends for me as I am a big Ashton fan. This originally aired in 1998 so I was only 1. I started watching it in my late teens and loved it. The series is based on a group of friends and their lives throughout the 70s. They create a timeline throughout the series. 

21. You – 2 seasons 

If you’re into crime drama, this one is for you. I binged both seasons as soon as they were released. If you’re a gossip girl fan like me, you’ll notice the main character is Dan Humfrey. He is a stalker/murder who doesn’t see the problem with it and weirdly enough as a viewer… I don’t either (which it was duh) It creates this image around him because he’s a nice person and he has reasoning behind it then it’s okay. Very strange program and loves a plot twist. 

22. Bad education – 3 seasons 

I am a huge Jack Whitehall fan and it’s not very often comedians are good at acting as well. Jack Whitehall plays a teacher at a school and the series is based around him and his class that he teaches. An easy watch! There are also a few movies for this show. 

23. Selling Sunset – 2 seasons 

If you’re into reality USA kind of stuff, watch Selling Sunset! The program is a reality t.v show about a group of real estate agents who sell the most amazing and expensive property in LA. I love this program but it almost makes me want to move to America! This is also a Netflix original series. 

24. Orange is the new Black – 7 seasons 

I was hooked on this show the minute it came out! This is a comedy-drama that is set in a woman’s prison, based around a woman, Piper, who is doing time for a crime she committed 10 years ago. Although this is a comedy, a lot of the themes are real and can be disturbing and very upsetting. 

25. Shameless US – 8 seasons 

I really didn’t enjoy the UK version so I was reluctant to start the US, but it was really good! Again, with some disturbing themes and can be hard to watch. Although most of it is comedy. Based around a drunk dad and his 6 kids and how the oldest daughter Fiona tries to keep the family together. 

26. Big Mouth – 3 seasons 

This is another very weird adult cartoon but good if you’re wanting a laugh! Two main characters go through puberty and are based upon how they manage and survive it whilst in high school. Sounds so strange writing it out, but it’s a great watch. 

27. American Horror Story – 8 seasons 

This is probably one of my favourite t.v shows ever!! and Netflix has the whole series on. Every season is a whole new storyline along with new characters, new timelines etc, but they do all link eventually. Most of the seasons have recurring actors Evan Peters is in every season. This is  an adult program as it’s very disturbing. 

28. Black Mirror – 5 seasons 

This is similar to American Horror Story but every episode is different and it tends to be different actors that play the roles. I enjoyed Black Mirror when it first came out as the themes are almost too real like it could happen or it’s not too far off. 

29. Reign – 4 seasons 

I’m not one for period dramas, but I loved Reign! It’s set back around Mary Queen of Scots and her arranged marriage to the French prince. I’m not sure if it’s based on facts, sorry Scottish history wasn’t really my thing, but a very interesting watch. 

30. Ted Bundy tapes – 1 season

If you’ve not heard of Ted Bundy you’re living under a rock. This is one of the best put together documentaries that I’ve watched. Ted Bundy created the name serial killer. He was very handsome, smart and charming no one suspected him for a very long time. It is very disturbing what he has done to his victims are there are several women who have not been named. It’s said he killed at least 36 women! 

31. Gotham – 5 seasons 

Gotham is obviously from Batman, but what makes this show amazing is that it’s set back when Batman was just a little boy and the murder of his parents. AKA, before he was batman. It focuses more on the police department in Gotham along with Bruce Wayne growing up. 

32. White gold – 2 seasons 

If you’re a gossip girl and Inbetweeners fan, you’ll like this. Chuck Bass plays a cocky window salesman who cons people out of money. This is a British t.v show which can be a hit or a miss. Not a very long series but very funny!

33. Down to Earth – 1 season

I’ve only watched half of this series so far but wow! Zac Efron of course, is amazing but it really does make you want to travel. I currently work in the Bio Diesel industry and I find it so interesting finding out about other counties and how they create their energy and fuel. This is a great watch for those ECO lovers out there but would recommend everyone give it a watch as it’s eye-opening. 

34. Tiger King – 1 season

Of course, this was the craze when it came out and I had to join on the bandwagon. This was probably one of my favourite Netflix documentary series. Joe Exoctic owned a Tiger zoo and kept the tigers as if they were his family. It’s very strange to see the tigers cuddle him, even fully grown. The series does get a little darker as it goes on and has some very disturbing images both human and animal. The tigers are not looked after properly and kept in cages which can be hard to watch. 

35. 13 Reasons why – 4 seasons 

I have to be honest with this one, I struggled to watch it all. Of course, the point of the series is to create real scenarios, but I still found it difficult to watch. I think there are so many important lessons in this program and the creators done an amazing job with it. It’s based around a young girl in high school who commits suicide and the reasons why she done it. 

36. V Wars – 1 season

All my Vampire Diary fans will love this one! Ian plays a scientist and his friend becomes the first-ever vampire and he spends the series trying to find a cure, but it’s spreading fast! Really good if you’re into Vampire series but sadly only 1 series as it’s new. 

37. Pretty Little Liars – 8 seasons 

This is another series that I’ve watched numerous times through. It’s based on four girls and they are stalked/bullied by a mystery person called A. The series goes through their lives whilst they deal with A trying to figure out who they are. The ending wasn’t the best and I don’t want to ruin it, but I was disappointed. 

38. Locke & Key – 1 season

I am so upset that there is only one season for this as the plot is amazing!! This is one of my favourite Netflix original series. A family moves into this old house and the youngest sibling finds keys throughout the house. Each key has a magical property and can teleport, change the way you look etc. It’s a very clever concept and I hope they continue to make more seasons.

39.  Burnistoun – 3 seasons 

This one is for the Scottish readers of my blog. It reminds me of an updated version of Chew n the fat. This is a comedy sketch show about two guys who play multiple characters. This is Scottish humour FYI! 

40. Too hot to Handle – 1 season 

Last but not least, this series is a reality tv show – similar to Love Island – where a group of young people are in a house for the summer, although the rules are they cannot have sexual contact or their prize money will be deducted. A really fun easy watch. 

I hope I’ve given you a big enough series to binge-watch on Netflix, happy watching! 


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