Meet Alicia

A little about me -

Hi! I’m Alicia, I’m a twenty something blogger currently residing in Scotland. A little town in Lanark to be more precise. I’ve been reading blogs for just over eight years now and I’ve finally taken the leap to join the blogging community.

I currently work in finance in the fuel sector. I finish my contract in March 2021. This blog started as a hobby to help my mental health through lockdown and has turned into my aspiring career.

I am about to pack my bags and travel Asia and Australia with my partner, Lyle. (When COVID calms down of course) I’ve decided to share my travel plans along with tips that I’ve picked up along the way. I believe in following your dreams. Cheesy quote. But I want to show that anything is possible.

I also write about self improvement. I have struggled with anxiety along with other problems that young people face. I want to share my experiences, in the hope that it will help people along with showing that it’s okay not to be okay.

If you would like to work with my, please contact me by email:

Thank you to all my readers, you make the hard work worth it!