Beautiful places to visit in Scotland

The most beautiful places to visit in Scotland |Free Edition 

Being in lock down has made me venture out of my small bedroom and because pubs and restaurants are closed.. it’s limited my social life so I thought why not get outside and explore. I am literally SHOCKED at what is on my doorstep!! You don’t realise how utterly stunning Scotland’s scenery is until you get out in it. I’ve listed a few of the beautiful places in Scotland that I’ve visited recently. 

Beautiful places in Scotland | The Clyde, Bonnie 

This one is literally at my doorstep, but I had no idea how stunning it is if you go off the trail. Lyle and I decided to go a walk on my lunch break and we ended up being out for around 2 hours (I know.. tut tut) but it was STUNNING! There are a few entrances to the Clyde and there are footpaths for 90% of it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the easiest walk but once you’re at the top of the walk way, the views are worth it. This is one of the best places to visit in Scotland. 

Beautiful places to visit in Scotland - Clyde walkway

The above picture is from the Bonnie, which is at the top of the Clyde walk way, I like to think I’m pretty fit but I struggled to walk to the top on the first time, but again definitely worth it. I done a little bit of research on the walk way and it’s around 3.75 miles and should take around 2 hours to complete. The picture below is taken from off the trail, we decided to go climbing on the rocks, I would only recommend this if you feel comfortable doing so, and also don’t mind getting a bit wet from the river as the rocks are slippy. 

Beautiful places to visit in Scotland | Clyde walk way

Lanark Loch 

Another place that is right outside my house is Lanark Loch, I think this is the most well known place in Lanark as it’s so accessible to everyone and just off a main road.  There are two car parks and three play parks for kids, this place can be hard to enjoy if it’s a beautiful day as it’s full of people but luckily living so close you learn to use other paths. Being completely honest, I had no idea there were secret bike trails in the woods (I say secret because I’ve lived in Lanark most of my life and I’ve never heard of them) Lyle and I went cycling on the bike trails and it was great fun, although I would recommend using an app to tell you the difficulty of the trails as some of them can be very misleading. 

Devil’s Pulpit 

The last place that I’ve visited recently is Devil’s Pulpit. I was shocked at how stunning this place was and the pictures don’t do it justice! Lyle and I decided to give it a go on Sunday and I will say, I’m so glad we went early.. we started walking back to the car around 2pm and the road was filled with cars parked along the side. 

Beautiful places to visit in Scotland | Devil's Pulpit

We also didn’t know the place at all and we ended up going in the hardest way, which meant getting in the water, luckily the water never went above my hips (I’m 5’6 if that helps) but we were prepared and brought extra clothing just in case. Once we got into the water, it was really cold but the views made you forget anyway.. IT WAS STUNNING. We spent around 2 hours there, but we did sit and eat some lunch, I would say just over an hour of actual walking. There are some very steep stairs but you have a rope you hold onto – handy I know. 

Beautiful places to visit in Scotland | Devil's Pulpit

TIP: To get into Devil’s Pulpit, there is a wall with a hole in it, once you climb through, there’s a foot path that takes you to the stairs (wish we knew this before going the opposite way and climbing through on the rocks through the water)

Scotland has so many hidden gems and it can be hard to find them if you don’t know the area, as they aren’t signed, but out of all the places I’ve been recently I would recommend Devil’s Pulpit as it doesn’t even feel like you’re only an hour from home, a 2 hour holiday.

Here’s to more exploring! 

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