Birch Box – June Review

Birch Box – June review 

After receiving my May Birch Box, I decided to keep the subscription going for another month to see if it was worth the money and I have to admit I am really happy with the June box! I only received my box a few days ago and I’ve already tried all the products – it’s crazy how much skincare and hair care you can do when you’re off work. 


The shipping time was ten times better than May, I received my box on the 18th of June and it was sent by Royal Mail this time instead of Hermes, I’m not a fan of Hermes so I’m glad they have changed their delivery method. I didn’t realise their packaging would change so drastically each month. This month it was based on the American Flag and called “Born in the USA” as the company is originated from the USA. 

Birch Box - May edition

I am extremely happy with this brand as they included an extra leaflet that outlines that they will not stand for racism and that they are making donations to several charities such as: 

Black Lives Matter 

The George Floyd Memorial Fund 

Brooklyn Bail Fund 

Reclaim the Block

Black Visions Collective. 

The leaflet also includes a reading list to educate and learn more about what is going on and the things you can do to contribute and a message to encourage people to challenge racist individuals, regardless if they are family and friends. 

Birch Box Products

Real Chemistry – Fresh Start Foaming Cleanser RRP £24 

I’ve only used this product a handful of times and my face is actually breaking out more since I started using it but I hope it’s just cleansing and cleaning out my face. The product itself reminded me of suntan lotion, very creamy and thick but once you wash it off it create a soap-like texture, overall I wouldn’t purchase this product myself as there are better face cleansers out there, but for the small bottle that you get, I’ll finish using it. 


Birch Box - Real chemistry face wash

Patchology – Rejuvenating Eye Patches RRP £14 

Friday night turned into a pamper night, who doesn’t love a good pamper? I decided to try out the eye patches. Overall I was disappointed with this product as the only thing I noticed was that my skin under my eyes was softer but they didn’t look rejuvenated and my eyes still looked a little puffy. I feel like I can’t moan too much about this as the patches alone cost more than the whole box did, so I’m happy I got to try them out. 

I’ve used a number of eye patches before, costing around 2-3 pounds and I noticed less of a difference with the more expensive one, will be sticking to my saver’s version.  

Magnitone Wipeout – Eco-friendly Microfibre Cleansing Cloth RRP £20

I’ve been wanting to say goodbye to wipes for a while now, and I have tried using micellar water but if I’m wearing heavy eye make-up, I feel like it doesn’t fully come off my face. I was just about to purchase a cloth similar to the Magnitude Wipe Out but saw that it would be coming in my Birch Box. 

On Saturday, I was going out with my family and decided to put on a full face of make-up, I used the wipe out cloth to take it off and I cannot emphasise this enough MY MAKE UP CAME OFF IN ONE CLEAR WIPE, I’m just as shocked as you are, but it really did! This product is washing machine safe so you can wash and reuse the product. 

I am extremely happy with this product and would purchase this brand again, super happy! 

Birch Box - Wipe out

Number 4 – Jour D’automne Blow Dry Lotion RRP £26

As you have probably noticed I have white hair and as you can imagine the upkeep for this isn’t the kindest on my hair. The last few months I’ve watched my hair condition deteriorate which is really concerning, I only started dying my roots white in February and already the impact is huge, I decided during lockdown I would let my hair rest and heal. I’ve cut my hair – don’t worry I mean a trim – and ever since I’ve noticed a huge difference, my hair is thicker and healthier. 

When I received this hair lotion that was to dry your hair 50% quicker than normal, I was ECSTATIC! Drying my hair has become such a chore and the thought of it taking half the time was almost too good to be true. I washed and conditioned my hair as normal and then used a tiny drop of the cream whilst it was towel-dried and rubbed this through the ends of my hair. I was shocked how quickly this worked, I didn’t blow dry my hair as I had stuff to do for work and by the time I was ready to blow dry it, it was already dry! I can’t recommend this product enough, as it really did work, I’m always sceptical of products that claim they can magically make your life easier but this one actually did, gotta have a little bit more faith. 

Winky Lux – Peeper perfect concealer RRP £14 

This product would have been perfect if it was my colour.. sadly the colour they sent was a little dark for my under eyes as my skin tone is very pale, but the coverage was perfect! I wish the bottle was bigger but I will be purchasing the larger bottle – and the correct colour obviously. 

I was happy with this product, but when filling in the forms on Birch Box I did say I had very pale skin and I’m worried that they aren’t using the preferences that were filled out. 

Also, I didn’t realise you could purchase full-size versions of these items on their website with a 10% discount, I will be purchasing Number 4 – Jour D’automne Blow Dry Lotion as this worked the best for my hair. 

Overall, I am really happy with the June Birch Box, and I’ll be continuing my subscription. 



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