Fitness diary - how to lose weight at home

Fitness Diary | How I am losing weight during lockdown

Fitness Diary | How I am losing weight during lockdown

Being stuck in the house has made it extremely difficult for me to exercise. When the gyms were open, I loved going to the classes because there were other people there meaning it would motivate me to keep going, but being stuck in a small bedroom in a town that rains 90% of the time, as you can probably guess, I’ve lost my motivation. I have decided to create my fitness diary series, for you the reader to see what works and what doesn’t and to motivate myself and get my lazy ass up! 

Disclaimer – I’m meant to be in Bali right now sipping cocktails on the beach, instead I’m working in my bedroom.. so as you can imagine the chocolate has been out once or twice in the last couple of days.

My plan is to not diet – don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a terrible diet – I want to be able to lose weight and tone up whilst enjoying my food. 

I’ve merged two weeks into this blog post as I want to be up to date with my content, but going forward this will be weekly. 

I downloaded Strava from the App Store – it’s basically a social media for exercise, aka you can see how fit and healthy everyone else is whilst you lie in bed, kidding… It’s a great app to document everything that you do from walking, running and cycling. 

Sunday 7th June

It was almost 24 degrees outside so Lyle and I decided to go Devil’s Pulpit as we had seen a lot of pictures and it looked stunning – you can check out my blog post on beautiful places in Scotland if you’re interested – We went out around 10am and I’m glad we did when we started walking back to the car around 2pm is was packed with people which can ruin the beautiful scenery. I didn’t find this walk too difficult as I was too busy looking at the beautiful scenery. 

Time: 1 hour 27 minutes 

Distance: 4.13 miles 

Elevation: 278ft My fitness diary - devil's pulpit

My fitness diary - Devil's pulpit

Monday 8th June 

This was my first bike ride and I was petrified, what if I fell off? But I quickly got over my fear and was on the trails in no time. We went to Lanark Race Course and sat and played cards as it was so warm AGAIN. We then went to Lanark Loch so I could attempt the trails and I actually had a blast, my time may look pretty good compared to the rest but we did stop for a while in-between and paused the app – least I’m being honest. 

Time: 41 minutes 

Distance: 5.47 miles 

Elevation: 264ft

Monday 15th June  

This was my first cycle back in a week and we decided to go to Lanark Loch and complete a blue trail. I really struggled near the end of the last straight as I had been out for the previous week, lucky for me, I cycle with Lyle who motivated me to keep going, and I did! 

Time: 43 minutes 

Distance: 4.72 miles 

Elevation Gain: 199ft 

Tuesday 16th June 

My legs were killing me from Monday nights cycle but I knew I had to get back out there and overcome the pain. I decided to cycle to my dad’s house and back as I had some business stuff to sort out with him. I was really surprised with the results, although the elevation wasn’t as high, I managed to get 8 minutes off my time. 

Time: 35 minutes 

Distance: 4.75 miles

Elevation: 136ft 

Wednesday 17th June 

This has to be the hardest cycle I’ve ever done, we decided to cycle to New Lanark and back, now on the way down its great fun, very little incline and it’s very quiet, so you don’t have to worry about other people or cars BUT the cycle back was almost impossible, I won’t lie I had to stop 3 times on the way back, my legs were in so much pain and I thought I couldn’t continue, but I have done it. My fitness is improving, wooo! 

Time: 46 minutes 

Distance: 5.14 miles 

Elevation: 449ft 

My fitness diary - New Lanark Walk way

My fitness diary - New Lanark Walk way

Which brings me to now… I was beyond tired and sore today so I thought Thursday can be my rest day, but back to the grind tomorrow. Keep an eye out for my next fitness diary!


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