How to go sober for your mental health
Mental Health

Going sober for your mental health

Going Sober for five weeks now and the impact this has had on my mental health | Where I’m at now 

Where I live, drinking and partying is the main form of socialising and sadly I got stuck down that rabbit hole. My weekends consisted of drinking Friday and Saturday and suffering on Sunday. I got myself into a pattern and five weeks ago it all got too much. It was affecting my mood throughout the week, my friendships and of course my mental health. I decided to go sober till New Year originally but if I’m being honest I have no intention of going back to that loop. I thought I would document how I am feeling five weeks sober and how much of an impact it’s had on my life. 

Scared of missing out 

For me, this was one of the main reasons I would go out. I was always so scared to miss out. I feel almost childish for saying it but I want to be honest. Whenever my friends were going out, I didn’t want to miss out on the fun, so I would end up going and feeling rubbish all just to be included. Breaking from this was the hardest part. I found that in the first two weeks I distanced myself from everyone to allow myself time to heal. I explained to my friends and family what I was doing and asked them not to invite me out for the time being. 

When it got to week three, I had been planning other things to do at the weekend to keep me busy. Over five weeks I have gone to Alton Towers, The 5 Sisters Zoo, spent time with family, went out shopping numerous times, went out for dinner, lunches, launch more blog posts, including my Pinterest products. The list is endless. My weekends were filled with feeling horrible, anxious and worried. What a difference after just five short weeks! I can go out and enjoy myself again. 

5 sisters zoo

Going out for dinner

Out for dinner with Lyle

My Mental Health 

This was the main reason I stopped drinking. My mental health was in the shit and facing the fact that only I could change that was when it all turned around for me. I honestly didn’t realise how much alcohol played a part in my mental health. I would feel anxious every single day. Could be all day. It would ruin events for me, I wouldn’t go out to places in case I felt anxious. When I was drinking, the anxiety would go away which at the time seemed like the best thing. But it was not. 

Five weeks on, I feel anxious maybe once a week? If that. My anxiety will never fully go away, but my god, I can deal with with a few moments in a week in comparison to every single day. I’ve almost stopped taking my oil as well, which again is great. I don’t want to rely on anything. I do have some techniques that I’ll write about soon that help me when I feel anxious. 

My overall mood is happy, content and CONFIDENT. This is the main one. My confidence has skyrocketed! I feel like I love myself again and it’s such an amazing feeling to have. It’s also about having confidence in myself. I decided to finally publish my Pinterest products a few days ago and I already have sales! Believing in yourself and trusting the process is an eye-opening experience. 

Saving Money 

This was one of the really good parts. Saving money. The amount of money I would spend was disgusting. Drinks, taxis, new outfits, shots etc, it added up to a crazy amount. Since going sober I have bought myself a new laptop (which is amazing! I’ll do a separate post on the perks of the laptop for blogging etc) I’ve also bought myself things that I wouldn’t have before along with saving more for our trip away. 

On Tuesday, Lyle and I are going away to Oban for three days to go cycling around Oban and other towns. This is all because I was able to save extra money and improve my fitness! 

Exercising and my body 

I’ve been very lucky with my body and never really had to think about watching what I eat or exercise because I HAD to. When I turned twenty-two, my body changed and I started gaining weight. Of course, I started exercising but I wasn’t getting anywhere and I was REALLY unfit. Lyle and I would go cycling and I was able to do maybe four miles? After that, I would be very tired and out of breath. Even doing this a few times a week, my fitness levels never improved. 

On Monday, Lyle and I cycled 11.2 miles and the reason we stopped was that it was very dark outside (we went out after work) My body condition has improved like crazy! I have more energy, I’ve stopped gaining weight as quickly. (I am still not at my finished goal, but I am getting there) Overall, I am so happy about this! 

Getting help from others 

When I decided to go sober, I wanted all my friends and family to know for several reasons. I asked everyone not to invite me out until I said I was ready to face being in those situations without drinking. Receiving support was the main one. Lyle was supportive throughout the whole process and helped plan other things to do. Without the support of my friends and family, I don’t think I would have been able to do it. 

If you don’t feel like your friends and family will support you there are several online support groups. I’ve linked a blog post below which outlines seven groups that can help.

The Future 

I’ve thought about what kind of lifestyle I want to live and being honest I don’t want to be sober forever. I think alcohol in small moderation can be good. When Lyle and I jet off to Spain, of course, I want to enjoy the Spanish beers on the beaches. I have made the decision that I will not be “binge” drinking anymore. After seeing the effects it has over me, I have no desire to do it. 

I am so grateful to my friends and family and of course, my number one guy, Lyle. Without them, this would have been a million times harder. Reach out to your close circle and ask for help! It’s the best thing I ever did and with just a short five weeks my life has turned around. 

If you’re thinking about going sober but don’t know where to start, please message me! I’ll give all the tips and advice I possibly can. 

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