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Hair Burst Review | After using the products for under two months

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Over the last year, I’ve been bleaching my hair and I’ve noticed the effects bleach can have on hair. I love my blonde hair and I’m not ready to say goodbye to it just yet.

I decided to buy some Hair Burst products to help bring my hair back to life and grow it out. Now I know what you’re thinking…

Do the products even work?

The answer is YES! I was the same as you. Trying to find a Hair Burst review, which is why I’ve created a one-stop shop. Over the last month and a half, I’ve noticed my hair condition has improved immensely and I want to share the secret to the growth and health of my hair.

I’ve been using Hair Burst for the last month and a half and I am going to review the hair burst products.

The Products that I used

Hair Burst For Longer and Stronger Hair Shampoo and Conditioner
Hair Burst For Longer and Stronger Hair Shampoo and Conditioner
Hair Burst Chewable hair vitamins
Hair Burst Chewable Hair Vitamins

Hair Burst Shampoo & Conditioner

I have been using this shampoo and conditioner for just under two months now and the bottles are almost finished. For the time I’ve been using these, the liquid went far!

I started using this before I had my tape extensions and I used this all over my head twice a week.

The box contains 2 x 350ml bottles.

The instructions advise you to shampoo your hair twice and condition once.

Since getting my tape extensions, I only use the Hair Burst shampoo and conditioner, on the top of my head, twice a week, as I found the shampoo broke down the glue in my tape extensions. I wouldn’t recommend using this product if you have glue extensions unless you are using it on the top of your head.

Hair burst Review Info-graphic

Hair Growth

With regards to my hair growth, I’ve noticed my hair has grown about two inches, it’s also difficult to tell as I’m also wearing extensions – which hides most of my hair (underneath the top.)

I use heat and bleach on my hair, and for it to still feel “alive” after using these products is worth it for me.

My hair has grown around two inches since using the product.

Hair Thickness

Over the last month and a half, I’ve noticed my hair getting thicker, mainly on the top. (This is due to me using this on the top of my hair)

I have extremely thin hair, so this was the biggest change I noticed.

Having naturally thin hair, this is the first product I’ve used that claims to “thicken hair” and actually works!

Oily Hair, no more!

The top of my hair lasts SO much longer without washing when using the Hair Burst Shampoo and Conditioner. This ties in with my hair not feeling or looking as greasy within one day.

Before using Hair Burst, I was washing my hair almost every day and it was causing my hair to look greasy on the top and dry on the ends.


For both bottles, it cost me £24.99.

For the results I am getting, I think this is very affordable.

This works out £12.50 a bottle. (350ml)

Contains Hydrolysed Wheat Protein

This protein protects and repairs damaged hair.

“This ingredient adds shine and the appearance of thicker hair through moisture retention in each strand.” – Hairburst

This protein is found in most if not all the products.

Hair Burst Chewable Vitamins

I have been taking the Hair Burst Chewable Vitamins for just over a month and wanted to review my progress.

The tub comes with 60 vitamins and you are to take two a day. I have a terrible memory and have only been taking one a day.

I’ve noticed a big difference in the condition of my hair. Taking the vitamins along with using the shampoo, my hair is starting to feel like mine again.

Price (per month)

For 60 vitamins, it costs £19.95, which is a monthly supply.

That works out at 33p per vitamin.

I find this very affordable in comparison to some hair growth vitamins out there.

Hair Condition

As I have blonde hair with an ash brown root, I am able to tell when my “actual root” comes through as it’s darker than the ash brown.

My roots are showing a lot quicker than usual, (which I assume means it’s growing quicker) as I would normally dye my hair every eight weeks, I already want to dye it after six weeks but as I’m trying to save my hair, I’ve moved this to every sixteen weeks. (Send help for my roots)


The vitamins I bought are strawberry and blackcurrant, making it super easy to take them as they taste great!

I know they do offer other vitamins that are tablets and don’t taste as nice. My mum uses these.

She actually meant to buy the same as me and picked up the wrong tub.

I would recommend the chewable vitamins because they are easy to take and taste amazing!


My hair condition was improving, which meant my hair was thick af.

I wasn’t one to straighten my hair very often as it was naturally straight and flat. I noticed within two weeks my hair was huge after showering and I had to straighten it when going outside.

My hair volume after using the vitamins for two weeks.
I straighten the bottom pieces of my hair… and then thought why not document the volume.

Cons to taking the vitamins

I don’t know if this is a “con” because it’s technically what I want it to do.

BUT my leg hair now grows rapid!

Of course, I am taking vitamins for hair growth, but I’m now having to shave my legs more often than I normally would.

I would advise taking these with food. I’ve noticed that when I was taking the vitamins before breakfast, on an empty stomach, I was getting an upset stomach.

After noticing this, I’ve been eating before taking them and not had a problem since.


Overall, I love the Hair Burst Shampoo and Conditioner along with the Hair Burst Vitamins and will be buying more this week. I think they are a great value for money and the results are worth it.

Having blonde hair is difficult to upkeep along with keeping my hair alive and well. These are the first products that I’ve used that I’ve noticed a difference within such a short space of time. I hope you find this Hair Burst review useful before making a purchase.

I’ll be buying their Elixir next!

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