How I managed to get white hair at home for under 20 pounds!

Last year I was watching Sabrina the teenage witch and I honestly fell in love with her short white hair and I’ve been dying mine ever since. Now I looked into going and getting my hair done at the hairdressers but going from brown to white wasn’t going to cheap. Sadly I didn’t have the money to do it, I decided to just dye my hair white at home and I’ll be honest… I am surprised at how well it turned out. All the products and equipment cost under 20 pounds, which is a bargain!

As you can see in the picture below, my roots were starting to show at my sister’s graduation, but I held out for the 12 weeks. Now I know you’re thinking how on earth can you get your hair white at home for under 20 pounds? Well, to start you need the following products.


BBlonde Powder 100g £3.99

BBlonde Cream Peroxide 40 volume £1.39

Bleach London Toner £7.99

L’Oreal Paris Infinia Hair Dye – colour 11.21 £6.99

Bleaching my roots 

I start off by sectioning my hair into four sections – two at the front and two at the back. I then start off by bleaching my roots as this is the only part of my hair that I bleach. 

It’s important to not bleach your hair too often as it can cause your hair to snap and fall out. I am now in a routine of waiting 10/12 weeks to bleach my hair, yes my roots look terrible at week 12, but my hair is still in a great condition after bleaching it for 7 months.

When I bleach my hair, I cover my head in tin foil, I look like an alien but it develops the bleach a lot quicker. 

It recommends you to leave the bleach in for 20-30 minutes but due to my hair taking to the colour so quickly, after 20 minutes my head starts to burn a little – safe I know.. I then wash this out and towel dry my hair. 

Applying Toner to rid yellow tones 

I then use the whole bottle of toner and massage this into my head. After the toner has been in my hair for around 10 minutes, I use my blow dryer to put some heat on my hair. Leave the toner on for as long as possible, around thirty to forty minutes. After that, I wash it out and condition my hair with silver conditioner. It helps take some of the yellow tones away that the toner couldn’t. 

I leave my hair to sit for two days before I put the blonde colour in, I am always scared to dye it too quickly and it turning green or something. 

Applying platinum hair dye 

Then use the L’Oreal hair dye in colour 11.21. I pretty much stick to the instructions with this one, I split my hair back into the four sections, just to ensure I don’t miss anything. I then do my roots first as they are still a little yellow from the bleaching. My ends don’t need any colour, the toner removed the faded yellow pretty well.

Leave the colour in for around thirty minutes and then washed it out. I didn’t use any shampoos on my hair at this point.

They provided another toner so I used this and reapplied heat to my hair. I only left this on for around ten minutes as it was looking a little purple. After washing it out, I applied my detangle spray and some frizz cream. Applying these products ensures my hair doesn’t fall out and create a string-like texture. 

To be honest, my hair is in great condition, even after all the bleaching and dying. Please be careful if you are doing your hair at home! I know from many failed attempts before that it doesn’t always work out like the colour on the box, it’s a lot of trial and error. 

As you can see below, my hair is WHITE! Thanks for reading on how I got my hair white hair at home for under 20 pounds! 


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