How to wear extensions when you have short hair

I would just like to put a disclaimer out there that I am not a hairdresser. These tips work for me and hopefully they will help you too. This blog post is a break down of how to wear extensions when you have short hair. I currently have short hair and it’s also very thin due to bleaching. I try not to bleach it as often but sometimes the roots are just too bad. I bought a 22 inch 5 piece extensions from LullaBellz and I’m honestly really happy with them for the price. I was new to extensions and I wasn’t sure if I would wear them enough. I purchased pretty cheap ones, to be honest, but they are great quality! I have linked their site below and they tend to always have some sort of sales on.

The hair extensions cost me 22 pounds for the set, and I also had a student discount so they only cost me 15 pounds! bargain. If you do have short hair I would advise a 5 piece instead of a 1. I personally think you can blend the 5 pieces throughout the hair whereas it’s very difficult to create a blend with a one-piece. 

Before you clip anything in 

Before you even think about clipping any hair in, brush out the extensions! It’s important to treat it like real hair, it needs looking after. I go through each piece and brush through with a hairbrush and then with a comb. Whenever I brush my extensions hair always pulls out from the top band, I cut the bottom of the hair every time, just to give it a cleaner look. Also, if you can apply heat to your extensions you can add an extra curl which I do once before and after the extensions are in.

Section the bottom of your hair off and pin this away. This is a great hack if you have short hair! I find that when I put my extensions in and the bottom section is short (my own hair) it kills the illusion. If you pin the short section away the bottom layer will be the extensions creating a more natural look. 

Clipping in the extensions 

I start by using a 4 clip piece for the bottom layer. Backcomb each layer before you clip in the extension. This is a great hack if you have thin hair as it creates a better hold and it will last longer. I then create another layer and clip in the 5 clip piece. This usually sits on my ear line (great indicator to check if you’re sectioning your hair too thick) 

Once the 5 piece is in, the rest is easy! Depending on your pattern, you can decide how you put in the next three pieces. I have a middle pattern, so I place the 3 clip piece directly above the 5 clip piece as my hair is to thin to create another layer. If you have thick hair then definitely create another layer! For my two 2 clip pieces, I place them on either side of my head, just above the ear to create some volume at the sides. I find these two pieces blend the whole thing nicely. 

Alicia's self with hair extensions

Finishing touches 

After everything is in and secure, I take a mirror and check out the back just to double-check all the clips are hidden. If they are, I then spray my whole head with hairspray to secure them in place. After that, softly brush the extensions along with your hair. Be careful as you can pull the clips out. This is just to make sure your hair blends with the extensions. 

I tend to put my extensions in before I do my make-up as it gives me a better feel on how the hair is. AKA, if it can’t sit for me spending an hour on my make-up, it won’t sit right for the rest of the night, so I fix it. 

I’ve included some pictures of how my hair turned out and it lasted the full night. 

I hope you find these tips helpful! 

Hair extensions with short hair


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