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Miss A Make-up Shop Review | Are the products good quality? 

Miss A is a growing beauty company in America and it’s finally hitting the UK. I managed to get some stuff ordered and I’ve gave my honest opinion from the ordering to the shipping to the actual products themselves. Then I decided why not create a blog post and review the Miss A Products? I had seen some American Youtuber’s buying the make-up and saying how cheap it was.. and I thought no way is that going to be good quality, but to my surprise.. IT ACTUALLY WAS. 

So, ordering on their website is pretty standard, you create an account and pick your items, I didn’t have any problems with their website and I appreciated that they put “out of stock” on the picture – in the catalogue – so you don’t end up clicking on it and thinking “oh it’s out of stock” In regards to the checkout, again was simple, just entering card details and my order confirmation came through quickly. I live in Scotland and with the warehouse being in America I knew the shipping would be a little bit more expensive, it was around 9 pounds, but when you’re getting make-up for £1-2 per item, 9 pounds isn’t a lot and would pay it again. Keep reading for my honest Miss A review. 

Miss A Shipping Review 

When it came to shipping, I was obviously aware that it would take longer than a week or two and then on top of that, the world is still on lock down, but it took around 3 weeks for them to ship my order alone, and I did have to email two times to ask if my order had been shipped. The timescale for each order being processed and shipped is 3-5 working days, I understand why it took longer, but didn’t think it would take 3 weeks just to have it shipped. The customer service team however was really helpful but can take some time to get back to you, I think i waited over a week for my response and they explained they were super busy and I decided to just stay patient. 

Packaging Review

The packaging. Now I was actually really worried about it being shipped for America, I bought mainly make-up in bottles and I doubt it would take much pressure for it to burst everywhere, especially for how far it had to travel, but their packaging is really good, don’t get me wrong it’s not very efficient, it had 1 layer of thick bubble wrap, 1 tissue paper layer with a “Miss A” sticker on it and another foam protective layer, and all of this in a postage bag – also some of the make-up was in a separate plastic bag, but not all of it – nothing burst in my order so I am extremely happy with that.  

Now to the good stuff! I bought 14 items as everything was so cheap, I swear you could buy the whole shop, but a lot of stuff was out of stock, but I’ll be sure to place another order soon. I’ve listed what I bought below, the price and the quality. I feel like it’s very hard to say something is bad quality when it’s £1 – but let’s have at it. 

Miss A Products Review

AQA Studio Eyelashes (Individuals) Short & Long – Sadly they didn’t have any medium. 

£0.81 each. 

These don’t come with glue, but for the price you really can’t complain. These are natural human hair eyelashes. They are very thin but then again, I like large lashes, overall I wouldn’t buy these again because I can buy thicker individuals lashes for 50p more on other sites with a quicker delivery time.  

AQA Wonder Liquid Liner – Black 5ml 


This is probably the best product out of the order, I am so shocked with the liner – the brush applicator is perfect, it’s a soft brush – i’m not a fan of the hard brush so worked out perfect for me. The liquid it’s self lasted 12 hours without a smudge. I will be buying this in bulk from now on! 

Miss A Review - Black Eyeliner

AQA Wonder Blender – Black teardrop 


I found this to be a much better quality than I thought, once I soaked it in water and squeezed out the excess, I was able to apply my foundation evenly, again I will be buying these in bulk, especially for 81p!! 

Miss A Review - Black beauty blender

Excelsior Hair Mask – Coconut Oil 


As I bleach my hair constantly, I need to use hair masks every month. I’ve yet to try this as I just got my hair done, but once used, I’ll be sure to update my blog, sorry guys! 

AQA Happy Blended Oils 


I’m a big believer on oils and natural substances for your skin, I really like this oil, it didn’t have a fragrance which is what I wanted, the bottle was a lot smaller than in the picture, but that’s my fault for not looking at the ml amount. As I do use a lot of oil, I would only order this if I was placing an order with Miss A as there are so many oil companies in the UK. 

AQA Wonder Skin – Perfecting Blur Primer 


I was really happy with this product, my make-up lasted around 12 hours and I only touched up my concealer, overall the make-up held really well. I will say a little amount goes a long with with the primer, I only needed to use 3 blobs for my full face. 

3 Piece Rhinestone “Queen” 


I wore these last weekend and they held my hair pretty well. I have very fine hair so it can be difficult finding clips that will hold my hair in place but I had these in my hair for a few hours outside and didn’t have to fix them too much, I will be looking at their other hair clips for my next order. 

A20 Single Eyeshadow – Midnight


I was a bit disappointment in this product, I ordered midnight as it was advertised as a jet black eye shadow which is what I was needing, unfortunately what was delivered was a black and silver glitter eye shadow which I doubt I will use. 

Sunshine Collection Blush 


This was a very basic blush, but I don’t use a lot so this done the job for me. There are two colours on the small palette so I was pretty happy with this. Although I just purchased the revolution blush pallet which is amazing! I would have to recommended that more! 

A+ Super Lash Glue Dark 


I go through lash glue like water as I wear lashes most day,  I wish I bought a few of these because I’m really happy with the outcome, I split my lashes into 3 sections usually so that they stick for longer, and I had no problems with this glue, I wore a set of lashes for around 10 hours and I didn’t have to reapply the glue, which is what I would usually have to do. 

AQA Wonder Brow Promade – Dark Brown 


The only bad thing I have to say about this is..IT’S TINY!! I think i’ll go through the whole tub in about a week. If only the tub was bigger, but again can I complain for 81p?? I bought the dark brown colour and I think I would maybe go up a shade as it’s almost black on my eyebrows, but in regards to the pigment I’m really happy with how my brows turned out. 

Paw Paw Liquid Concealer Light Tones – Fair Ivory 


For just over a pound, I am shocked at how well it covered my under eyes. I tend to get dark under eyes so it’s important to me that I have a light looking under eye. I had to use about 6 blobs (3 on each eye) for a full coverage use, but I would buy it again. 

Paw Paw: Prowear foundation Light Tones – Buff 


I was so disappointed in this product, I bought the full coverage foundation and it was more like BB cream, I could still see all my blemishes and red marks even after applying a thick layer, I ended up using my own foundation on top. I will probably use this mixed with a thicker foundation so it doesn’t go to waste, but I wouldn’t purchase this again. 

Miss A Review - AQA Prowear Foundation

Overall, I am pretty happy with my Miss A order, and I think I am going to do another soon and order some of the palettes. I would recommend not ordering anything you’re desperate for, as shipping does take some time but can you moan for it being so cheap?? I would say this is a very positive review for Miss A, a happy customer indeed. 


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