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How to overcome anxiety on a daily basis

I’ve spoken a few times about my anxiety and how I overcome it. To be competently honest I am petrified to put it out there, but I’ve had such a great response. It’s given me the confidence to continue to share my thoughts, doubts and any helpful tips I have that could help you overcome your anxiety. 

Anxiety.. it’s a strange one isn’t it? It can literally overrun your life based on fear, and I know exactly how it feels missing out on great opportunities or even missing out on the simple things because the anxiety is too much and you literally can’t step outside your comfort zone.

I thought I would update my blog, almost like a diary on how my mental health is and how I’m dealing with it. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, even though I was for a very long time. I love that sharing mental health awareness is becoming more normal than it would be to hide it. 

My mental health at the moment is actually in a pretty good condition – in comparison to what it was last year. Still not exactly where I want to be. Of course I want to strive to be the best I can be and overcome my anxiety as much as I can. 

Life Update 

As most of readers know by now that Lyle and I are packing our backs and buying a one way ticket out of Scotland. I love having my friends and family around me. Altought, it’s really not the place I would like to stay my whole life. Due to Covid19 and leaving the EU, it’s become extremely difficult to gather any information on what THE HELL WE NEED TO DO! Side note, I am a planner, aka I plan everything, I wanna know when, where, why and how before I do it, settles the mind and all. SO.. not being able to plan one of the biggest changes in my life is creating an enormous amount of stress and anxiety, but how do I get through it you ask? 

Between Lyle and shutting my laptop/phone off for a bit, Yoga/Meditation and CBD Oil – I’ve managed to control and maintain a happy attitude throughout the process. 

Tip 1 

No phones or laptops – This is such an obvious tip but you have no idea how good it feels to turn off the outside world. This is honestly why I love cycling with Lyle, there are no phones or distractions, just concentration on the road. Social media is a wonderful thing when used in moderation and correctly. I understand it can also create problems and anxiety. I’ve noticed a lot on twitter, girls wished they looked like someone else. I honestly hold my hands up and say I used to be that girl and not even that long ago. Once you break from that mindset and realise that Instagram is literally a platform where people post the best and brightest moments of their lives but never the bad ones. You’ll realise no one is perfect and you need to learn to love your own skin. 

Tip 2 

Take a break!! Social media ain’t going anywhere, what you gonna miss within a few days? a selfie and a picture of a cup of coffee? Taking a break and logging out or deleting those apps when they become toxic is so important. If it’s making you feel anxious and down it’s time to take a break. Remove people who post content that upset you or makes you feel down, (regardless if you know them!!) 

Tip 3 

Yoga is your new best friend – Regardless of the space, you can meditate and other simple poses. There are an unlimited amount of videos, blog posts, Pinterest pictures to explain how to do yoga even if you’re starting from the very beginning. I’ve linked my Yoga Pinterest Board below!

I used to document my Yoga before we moved house. It’s something that really helps me get through my day. Whether it be stretches, poses or just simple, legs in a basket and close your eyes, taking that time out for yourself will help. 

Tip 4

Love yourself!! I used to get anxious when I was starting my blog, just the general: people hating my content. What if I’m just crazy thinking that people will care what I write about but to clear those thoughts I honestly just think.. WHO CARES?? Who cares if some people don’t like my blog. Of course it’s not going to be for everyone, and that’s OK!! Taking a step back from a situation and realising that it’s okay to have doubts. Although, don’t let it stop you from doing what you want. It took me around 3 years to post this blog and my GOD! I wish I done it sooner, it’s been such an amazing experience for me already.

Tip 5 

Write down your thoughts. Keeping a journal is really important for a few reasons. I love to reflect! Looking at how much I’ve grown over a period of time is really motivational for me. It shows that what I’m doing is working. I also really enjoy writing my thoughts, it lets my head process them a lot easier. 

I hope this blog has been useful for you as it has been for me. It’s important to not let anxiety control your life and overcome it. 

Any questions, feel free to message me! 

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