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    Things to do in Oban |The Comprehensive Guide

    If you’re looking for a relaxed holiday destination in Scotland, Oban is the place for you. This is a great escape from the busy life of the city. Just time to sit back and relax. Oban is filled with indoor and outdoor activities along with some amazing places to eat and it’s surprisingly affordable. The perks of living in Scotland is having these breathtaking destinations on my doorstep. I’ve created the only comprehensive guide that you’ll need for things to do in Oban. Travel I found Oban very accessible, and I didn’t struggle making travel arrangements from Glasgow. Getting to Oban If you’re driving, the views are amazing! If you’re…

  • How to go sober for your mental health
    Mental Health

    Going sober for your mental health

    Going Sober for five weeks now and the impact this has had on my mental health | Where I’m at now  Where I live, drinking and partying is the main form of socialising and sadly I got stuck down that rabbit hole. My weekends consisted of drinking Friday and Saturday and suffering on Sunday. I got myself into a pattern and five weeks ago it all got too much. It was affecting my mood throughout the week, my friendships and of course my mental health. I decided to go sober till New Year originally but if I’m being honest I have no intention of going back to that loop. I…

  • how to start a sucessful blog

    How to start a blog

    How to start a blog- for absolute beginners When I started my blog back in May I was researching like CRAZY! Trying to find the best blog posts on how to start a blog. My problem was, all these posts were written by bloggers who were crazy successful with over millions of readers and had started their blog years ago. Sadly things have changed. I also found that they included a lot of tips and tricks that meant purchasing expensive software etc. When you’re starting up, it can be difficult to put money into something if you don’t have the spare cash (and it ain’t cheap)  This blog post is…

  • Mind management
    Mental Health

    Mind Management – The Chimp Paradox

    Mind management – The Chimp Paradox | How to improve your mindset and reduce anxiety.  I have been extremely excited to write this post. I hope that this helps even just one person but keep reading with an open mind. If you didn’t notice, around six weeks ago I was struggling with my mental health. I don’t want to sugar coat it, it was horrible. I knew that I had to implement some changes in my life or I was going to continue being anxious. This was then playing a part in my job, my family life, and friendships. I want to base this post around mind management and how…

  • Family day out at Alton Towers

    Alton Towers Trip

    Our trip to Alton Towers | Graeme’s 13th Birthday treat  Now that restrictions have settled down, we decided to plan a trip to Alton Towers for Graeme’s 13th birthday. I’ve not been to Alton Towers in years and thought I was due a visit as there were multiple new rollercoasters. As we live in Scotland, you can imagine it wasn’t going to be a ten-minute drive to get there. We decided to book a hotel and stay the night to break up the drive. I’ve documented the hotel, food, travel, and of course Alton Towers.  Travel  We decided the best way to travel down would be to drive. I think…