Travel planning for moving abroad

Travel planning for moving abroad | How to start!

How to start travel planning for moving abroad | Part 1 

When Lyle and I decided that we were going to go travelling, my first thought was “there is so much to do” Growing up, travelling the world is something I assume everyone has thought about but such, life gets in the way and it’s a forgotten dream. Lyle and I were watching Letters to Juliet and it’s set mainly in Italy – to summarise the plot, the two main character travels around Italy to find love – and I was thinking the whole time, wow you must be so lucky to travel around and see the world and then it hit me… WHY ON EARTH ARE WE NOT DOING IT? So we have started our travel planning! 

It’s obviously very overwhelming thinking I’ll be leaving my secure 9-5 office job but I want to step out my comfort zone and challenge myself. We have decided to start in Spain and travel down the coast, starting at Valencia. We wanted somewhere that was warm and not too expensive so Spain was the best option for us. 

I thought I would document all of our travel planning for multiple reasons: 1. Any travel bloggers, feel free to share your wise wisdom as we are pretty new to all of this. 2. I want to look back on it whilst we are living it up. 3. If I can help or inspire anyone else to follow their dream of travelling, great!! 

TIP 1: Move home and save 

I understand this isn’t always ideal, but the amount of money you can save not having to pay rent, council tax etc is just crazy! I think the more money you can take the better so saving is key. 

We gave up our beautiful flat (which I was so gutted about but the amount of money we would like to save in a short space of time just isn’t going to work if we were paying rent, bills etc) We were fortunate enough that Lyle’s mum let us stay with her for the year. 

Travel planning for moving abroad

Tip 2: Do your research 

Facebook groups are fantastic for speaking to other travellers and can be even used for making friends whilst you’re away. I’ve joined a number of groups and they have been a great help so far. Google of course is the obvious option, we didn’t realise how hard it was going to be, just because Scotland has just left the EU so the laws are changing making it difficult to get a clear answer for what we need but the Spanish Gov websites have been very helpful. 

Tip 3: Have a basic plan 

Now I’m not saying plan every bathroom break you’re going to take, but have an outlined plan for what you want to do. Where do you want to travel to? How long for? Are you going to stay in one place or move around, there are so many things to factor in but Lyle and I are getting there. 

We have decided to start in Spain and go from there. We are hiring a camper van to travel down the coast starting at Valencia and that’s about as far as we have got. 

Campervan - travel planning

Tip 4: Travel necessitates

Now, this will probably come up when you’re researching but you’re going to need a passport that has enough years on it to travel. You’ll also need to check if you need a visa and what kind. This is important and something you should start looking into as soon as possible as the process times can vary as different countries need different amounts of information. For Spain, we have started doing some research on Visas, the offer 90 days without a visa but we want to stay longer without becoming a Spanish citizen (I’m way too proud to be Scottish) 

Tip 5. Save save save

I know this is similar to point one, but it’s super important to have a finance plan. I work in finance and Lyle has already travelled so it’s helped us set savings amounts and what’s realistic. You don’t have to cut every enjoyable thing out your life, but the more you cut out, the more you save, the longer you can go for. Lockdown has helped us save so much money already, not having the option to go out for food or drinks is a blessing in disguise.

We are still travel planning and learning but we’re getting there, I can’t wait to share our journey with you all, 10 months to go!


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