Time for a self care day

Through out lock down, I’ve noticed that a self-care day is NEEDED! I’m currently working from home so I’ve been really fortunate to have that opportunity, but this has been still been mentally draining to eat, breathe, sleep and work in a small space so it’s good to sometimes take a step back, turn off the phone and take a little me time. 

Lyle is away out cycling with some friends, so it gives me the chance to catch up on my skin-care, hair care etc. 

Let’s start with turning off the phone! Taking the night off texting and social media just gives me a little space to breathe (to be honest, my phone wasn’t turned off, I connected my music to the speaker and turned my notifications off) 

Skin Care

I started off with a Himalayan charcoal face mask that I actually won on a Body Shop competition and I LOVE IT! I received a 15ml tub and I’ve used it around 4/5 times now and there are loads left. I place this across my cheeks, nose and my forehead. I leave this on for around 10 minutes until it’s completely dry. Once this dries in, I wash it off with warm water. I find this breaks my face out but I’ve noticed it’s just bringing what I already had to the surface.. if that makes sense.


I let my skin breathe for around 5/10 minutes and then I use the Real Chemistry face cleanser to wash my face, I’ve mentioned this product in my June Birch box review post. After washing my face, I use The Body Shop Coconut body butter on my cheeks and forehead, I love the smell of coconut and it hydrates my face as my face can get very dry. 

Hair Care

I went for a shower and it was hair washing day, wooo! I use the L’oreal Purple Shampoo and the XHC Silver Hair Conditioner to keep the yellow tones away! Having white hair is hard to maintain and I really don’t want to dye it every couple of weeks, I’ve managed to keep it to every 10 weeks so my hair doesn’t just fall out. 

Once I’ve washed my hair, I use the Jour D’Automne blow-dry lotion when my hair is towel dry and I swear my hair dries within 5 minutes using the blow dryer. I also use the Protect and De-tangle spray if my hair is difficult to brush, but I’ve noticed since I’ve started looking after my hair, I don’t need to use the spray as often. 

To finish the night, I put on Someone Great on Netflix, which I would recommend! (Maybe not if you’re going through a break-up, but the film is a great chick flick watch) 

Someone Great on Netflix review: Gal-pal romance movie fails to ...

Although I only took 3/4 hours to myself, it done wonders for me. 

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