What to do at Ayr Beach

 A day at Ayr beach – What there is to do (child edition) 

Sometimes I forget Ayr beach is only an hour from my house, but it feels like a thousand miles away when I’m there. Surprisingly, Scotland got some lovely weather, so Lyle and I decided to make the most of it and take my younger sisters to the beach. I thought I would document the best places to visit, eat and play with younger children (between the ages of 4-7) 

If you are worried about social distancing with children, I would not recommend going here. It’s very busy. 

The travel 

Lyle decided to drive through with the girls and it was a success! Unfortunately, Olivia does get travel sickness and was sick once on the drive-through. For an hour’s drive, I’d call that a win. The drive was just over an hour but with the sunny weather, it was a breeze! I had got the train through the day before to see my friend Gemma. I decided to get the train from Glasgow Central to Ayr and they are very strict at Glasgow central for letting on a certain number of people on the train due to the beach being overcrowded. 

The train was a lot longer as you have to travel to Glasgow first and then Ayr, the overall train time was around two hours. I was traveling from Carstairs, so I will definitely be driving next time. 


We decided to take the girls to the cafe that was located in the park – mainly for ease as it was hard walking about on a hot day. The Ayr beach cafe had available seating straight away which was great considering how busy it was. We decided to eat inside as it was actually too hot to eat outside. I had a standard tuna and red onion toastie (my favourite) with soup as it was leek and potato, can’t pass up on that. Lyle just has the same as me. Thea had a cheese sandwich with salad and Olivia had a hot dog with potato smiles. Lyle and I also had raspberry and mango smoothies. Perfect for a hot day. The kids ate every last bite of their lunch so of course, we treated them to ice cream! 

Ayr Beach - Ayr cafe

For all our lunches, drinks, and ice cream it came to £39! Which I think is a bargain in Ayr. The staff was really helpful in finding things for Olivia to eat with her allergies. I would recommend going here as it’s accessible, child friendly, and reasonably priced for central Ayr.

The Play Park

As it was such a warm day, the play park was extremely busy. The park is very large so we decided to do half of it before lunch and then the other half after lunch. There is a pirate boat section in the park that has water around it (to make it look like a pirate ship at sea) I would NOT recommend letting your kids play there. The water was filled with rubbish, alcohol bottles, cigarettes, and other nasties.  

Ayr Beach - Ayr play park

Thea climbing at the park

The play park is very large so Lyle took Thea and I took Olivia just to make sure someone was watching them at all times. The girls mainly played on the climbing frame as it had four slides and climbing walls. The park was kept tidy and clean (except for the pirate ship) 

There were two zip wires at the end of the park which was so much fun. After a small wait in the queue, the girls got a turn. They are big enough to not touch the ground but not too big where they can’t go on themselves.

After the play park, we went a wander down to the shops to pick up some more water as it was so warm. We of course picked up rock for the family.

The Beach

Before we went to the beach we decided to get the girls buckets and spades to play with. For two buckets and spades, it was £9. Which does seem quite a lot considering they were average and basic, but as we were buying them last minute it was our only option. 

This was my favourite part of the day because it was quieter than the play park. I put on my bikini and decided to make sandcastles with the girls. Within 10 minutes it became a competition between me and Lyle instead of the girls… I would say I won but I am sure Lyle would say the opposite. Thea asked if I would bury her in the sand to look like a mermaid – so of course, I obliged. The beach was busy at the top end of Ayr so we walked 5/10 minutes down to make sure we had enough space

Ayr Beach

Ayr Beach

We made the mistake of sitting on the wet sand and not the dry sand. Tip for next time! I would recommend going to the beach with the kids as it’s clean and accessible. Keeping this in mind, PLEASE always take your rubbish away with you. There are bins at the top of the beach. After burying Thea, we decided to go into the sea.

Now usually I am not a big fan of going into the sea but I wore my sliders and it wasn’t bad! We had a great time splashing around and because it was so warm it was nice to cool down as well. Again the sea was clean with no rubbish in it which is a bonus! Traveling back the girls were sleeping within 10 minutes. 

Ayr Beach

In the sea

Tip: Remember to bring sunscreen. I noticed I burn easier when I am doing things in the sun as I am not aware of how hot is it. I had factor 50+ on me and the girls the full day and we didn’t burn, woo! 

Tip: Bring a change of clothes if you’re playing at the beach in case anything gets wet or sandy as it’s VERY difficult to get rid of sand. I was finding sand a day later. 

Overall the day was a great success and in total, I think we spent £60 pounds. Of course, you can bring a packed lunch and buckets if you’re looking to save money. This is a great day out for the family if you’re on a budget. I also have another blog post on beautiful places in Scotland that are great for the family! 

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